Web Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

Today’s global economy mandates that companies think strategically, go above and beyond for their customers, and use every advantage they have to reach their target markets. Gaining insights about customers and competitors gives our clients a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace. Using custom web analytics and business intelligence software allows our clients to regain focus and market attention.

Tracking and Assessing

Web analytics allow tracking, assessing, and analyzing the market as it evolves and gives our clients rich insight into their customers and market opportunities. Competitive intelligence gathering, and in depth competitive analysis help us create business intelligence software that can help you become an industry leader.

  • Web Analytics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence Gathering
  • Custom Business Intelligence Tools
  • Customer Behavior Tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization

Developing a clearer picture of what customers are looking for, and what the competition is doing allows our clients to better understand market opportunities and optimize business processes to best serve their customers.

Silversoft Solutions can help you gain new customers, and capture new market share by integrating custom business intelligence software.